17 Mart 2013 Pazar

High,really high

 Money can't buy passengers. Because they leave their masks. They are pure like little girls. Their world is everywhere. World is fair according to them. The only problem is that they are not fair enough to live. They are selfish as it was stable ''i''. They pick cards for living that game. Priviliges are included. The only thing which civil is the shouts behind the drama. It hurts but it deserves that pain. Their homes might be bright unless they are lack of homes. As quick as life goes, the only way to stay in it is to follow the disco ball. It is not complicated to remind, disco balls only include fun and the most akward thing to do is to think more and more. It might feel bad, it might be heard like a mistake. However your being brave, does not count. Because not anything more than streets say the reality. Trust means streets to me. That only counts magical chase of them. Endless and magical chase of each other which lies are not included. Even if now an alarm rings in your mind, the only thing that can guide is nothing more than your dreamworld.

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